Takafumi Nikaido




Pulling from three dynamic spirits of The Zahili Gonzalez Zamora Project a new mixture of sonic masterpieces is born. MIXCLA is a play on words and a play on sounds hailed from the mountains of Chile, to the traditions of Japan and driven by the fires of Cuba, to achieve a truly unique Latin Jazz experience. 
  MIXCLA is lead by composer/pianist and singer Zahili Gonzalez Zamora with Gerson Esteban Lazo Quiroga on bass and Takafumi Nikaido on percussion. This mixture of cultural spices makes the perfect recipe for any musical experience. 1st album is coming on December 2018!

Zahili Gonzalez Zamora - Piano
Gerson E. Lazo Quiroga - Bass
Takafumi Nikaido - Percussion

Clave and Blues

  An authentic Cuban sound mixed with other contemporary influences has earned local band Clave and Blues a significant following across New England. The group includes professional musicians from Berklee College of Music and is directed by Cuban pianist Anibal Cruz, who graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba, and currently studies at Berklee.


Anibal Cruz - Piano

Iris Gomez - Bass

Paul Sanchez - Trumpet

Pedro Sanjur - Timbales

Takafumi Nikaido - Congas