Takafumi Nikaido






"A Takafumi Nikaido le envio nuestras felicitaciones por su profesionalidad

y su virtuosismo y dominio de la técnica en las tumbadora"

-Giraldo Piloto Barreto(KLIMAX)




6歳でアルトサックスを始め、7歳でEarth Wind & FireのLIVEに魅了されパーカッションを斎藤不二男氏に師事。

12歳でキューバへ渡り、Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cubaでダンスとパーカッションのクラスを取り、Los Muñequitos de Matanzasと共演する。

高校卒業後、奨学生としてバークリー音楽大学に入学。音楽理論、演奏法をEguie Castrillo,Tiger Okoshi,Mark Walker,Oscar Stagnaro,Jim Odgrenに師事。

2014年再度キューバに渡り、Fiesta del Tambor Percussion Competiton 2014にて「最優秀外国人賞」を受賞。キューバにてJose Luis Quintana “Changuito”,Adel Gonzalez,Adonis Panter Calderon,Osain Del Monteに師事。

在学中よりYosvany Terry,Oscar Feldman,Terence Blanchard,Jon Secada,FANTINE,Sivamani,Ruben Rada,Totó la Momposina,Mane De La Parra等様々なアーティストと共演。

同年夏には日韓共同プロジェクト「The Untied East Jazz Quintet」で合計9カ所を回る日韓ツアーを行う。Zahili Gonzalez Zamora,Gerson Lazoと共に”MIXCLA”を結成し、ボストンを中心に様々な場所でパフォーマンスを行っている。

2015年、Zahili Gonzalez Zamora Projectとしてカナダのモントリオール国際ジャズフェスティバルに出演。2016年には、MIXCLA+1としてカリフォルニアのモントレージャズフェスティバルに出演。その他にも、全世界売り上げ600万本を超えているビデオゲーム"Final Fantasy XV"のサウンドトラックのレコーディングに参加したりと、ライブ活動だけではなく、レコーディング活動にも力をいれている。同年秋に、バークリー音楽大学学士号を得て卒業。

2017年にはコロンビアの首都ボゴタで開催された"Caminos De Ida Y Vuelta"にてCarlos Vivesと共演。

Boston Music Award 2018にて、MIXCLAがInternational Artist of the Yearにノミネートされ、12月にはゲストにOrlando “Maraca” ValleやAdonis Panter (Osain Del Monte)等を迎えたファーストアルバムをリリース。現在もボストン、ニューヨークを中心に活動中。

Takafumi Nikaido

Born in Sapporo Japan in the year 1993. 

Takafumi started playing the saxophone at the age of 6 and at the age of 7, after watching a live performance by Earth Wind & Fire he was inspired to pick up the percussion and studied under the Fujio Saito. 

At the age of 12 he traveled to Cuba to take classes on dancing and percussion where collaborated with the Los Muñequitos de Matanzas.

Upon graduating high school he attended Berklee college of music as a scholarship student. He studied theory and performance from people such as Eguie Castrillo, Tiger Okoshi, Mark Walker, Oscar Stagnaro and Jim Odgren. 

In 2014, he traveled to Cuba again to attend the Fiesta del Tambor Percussion Competition where he received the “Best Foreign Entrant Award”. In his time in Cuba he studied with prominent percussionitsts Jose Luis Quintana “Changuito”, Adel Gonzalez, Adonis Panter Calderon, Osain Del Monte. 

During his time in Berklee he performed with artists such as Yosvany Terry, Oscar Feldman,Terence Blanchard,Jon Secada, FANTINE, Sivamani,Ruben Rada,Totó la Momposina,Mane De La Parra.

In the summer of the same year, he became involved with the “The Untied East Jazz Quintet” and played at 9 venues all over Japan and South Korea. Alongside musicians Zahili Gonzalez Zamora and Gerson Lazo, they formed the musical group “MIXCLA” and perform regularly mainly within the Boston. 

In 2015, he performed at the Montreal International Jazz Festival as a member of the Zahili Gonzalez Zamora Project. In 2016

In early 2016, Takafumi performed at the prestigious Monterey Jazz Festival as a part of MIXCLA+1, as well as recorded the percussions for soundtracks of Final Fantasy XV, a video game series that has surpassed over 6-million sales worldwide. He graduated Berklee College of Music later that year with a Bachelor’s Degree.

In 2017, He performed with Carlos Vives at concert "Caminos De Ida Y Vuelta" in Bogotá, Colombia, with ambitions to continue his career in both live and studio settings in Boston and New York.

MIXCLA trio was nominated for an International Artist of the Year by Boston Music Award 2018 and they released first album on December which is played by Orlando “Maraca” Valle and Adonis Panter (Osain Del Monte) as a special guests.

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